Jobs: Become an MEC Success Story

The MEC team works with deaf or hard of hearing clients of all employment backgrounds to find them the best job match. With the help of MEC, you too can become one of our success stories!

Do you have a good work history?
Were you recently laid off and need to find a new job?

If so, the MEC team can help you with:

  • Finding appropriate jobs
  • Resumes and cover letters
  • Filling out applications
  • Interviewing skills
  • Contacting potential employers
  • Job coaching and on-the-job support

Do you have a limited work history?
Have you been unemployed for a long time?

If so, we will learn your communication style and job support needs to help you with:

  • Job goals (wages and duties)
  • Job skills
  • Job tours and try-outs
  • Public transportation (bus) training
  • Finding a job
  • Job coaching and on-the-job support


Are you eligible for MEC job services?

Yes, if you are:

How can I get started with MEC?

If you are eligible for MEC services, you should make an appointment with a Minnesota Vocational Rehabilitation counselor and request to be referred to MEC.

Do employers have to pay for job coaching services?

No. On-the-job support and training are free for both employers and employees.

Get more information on how MEC can help you find a job.


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